Our crystal kits are specially curated for you and your intentions or goals. They also each come with a label pertaining to your stone or stones made here by us!


 Blue Crystalline Mood-Boosting Sunglasses with Protective Chakra Bag

These get a 5! Love my blue Cryatalline mood glasses! They fit comfortably, the little crystals add a special touch, shape is good and the blue aura gives me a sense of calming.

Aleta F.

Aquamarine Meditation Beads

This bead are so pretty! They include a lovely tassel and the color is soothing. I'm glad I chose this gift for my loved one!

Cathy S.

 Natural Larimar Shark Pendant

I purchased as a gift and she loved it! Size is perfect, chain length perfect. Stones are lovely. Seems to have had a calming effect already. Would purchase again. Very pleased!


 Red Crystalline Mood-Boosting Sunglasses with Protective Chakra Bag

These are very beautiful sunglasses! I ordered the red root chakra ones and the green heart chakra glasses, two areas I want to improve. The bags they come in are quite lovely as well and seem to serve as a lens wiper. I'm feeling calmer and with the heart chakra glasses. When wearing the root chakra glasses I feel stronger. Thank you for getting my order out to me so quickly! A great value!

Cathy S.

Rose Unit Mood-Boosting Sunglasses with Protective Chakra Bag

After my first purchase, I purchased and additional two more pairs!

Erika N.