Wealth & Luck Kit

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Featured in this kit:

1 Flower Sage Bundle, 1 Palo Santo, 1 Malachite Necklace, 1 Clear Quartz, 2 Prosperity Bags

1 Small Prosperity Bag Contains:
Tiger's Eye assorted tiny crystals

1 Small Prosperity Bag Contains:
1 Pyrite, 1 Citrine

St. Patty's day is coming and who doesn't need a little extra luck? Try our prosperity kit featured here to bring some luck into
your life or gift to someone else who could use a boost!

Pyrite - The stone of “prosperity” also known as ‘Fools Gold.’ A very popular crystal in attracting financial gain, replacing bad habits with positive ones, including addiction. Serves as a protector to all forms of negative vibrations or energies. Used for meditation, divination and grounding.

Citrine - Joy, enthusiasm, positivity,
prosperity, good fortune, success. Citrine is a great stone for depression, it helps to energize and recharge the spirit and is believed to help chemical imbalances. Elevates your self-esteem and self-confidence if you’re feeling down.

Tiger's Eye - For protection and good luck! It promotes clarity in making good decisions especially in day-to-day challenges. Useful for recognition of ones needs in relation to others needs. Balances mood-swings, promotes courage, self-confidence and purpose. Helps bring forth hidden talents and confront your faults.

Clear Quartz - The “Master Healer” amplifies all energy of all other crystals. Draws away all negative energies, balances, releases, absorbs and regulates all energy. A deep cleanser for EMF smog and radiation and has abilities to enhance psychic abilities plus concentration.